Exposing the marketing science setting the time at Apple

A man checks the time on his smartwatch.
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It doesn’t take much to leave a lasting impression on customers, partners, and employees.

A man holding a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Courtesy of shuterstock.com / Krakenimages.com

A seemingly trivial choice by Microsoft will determine it.

An antique typewriter has been retrofitted in steampunk style, giving it “character”
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I stayed in a short-term rental who used technology as a virtual warden, scaring guests into good behavior.

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  • “We have a zero-tolerance policy for parties or gatherings.”
  • “The guest amount on your reservation must match the number of guests that will be inside the suite at any given time.”

We use a noise sensor to detect the noise level inside the suite, a people counter which counts the number of people nearby, in addition…

Gathering with family is a time of celebration — but simmering conflict can ruin the night. Here’s a guide to a successful holiday dinner.

Holiday dinners don’t need to be marred by fights. Photo: NDAB Creativity, shutterstock.com

“When are you gonna hear what my mommy and daddy said? They had a fi … they were talking mean to each other.”

There’s a lot of freedom that comes with a “work from home” job — but it can come with great personal cost, too.

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Most Republicans — and Religious Voters — Affirm LGBTQ Rights.

October, 8, 2019: The Supreme Court of the United States SCOTUS hears arguments on LGBTQ employment rights on Oct 8, 2019. Photo: GreteMiller, Shutterstock.

We love to follow along at home, but most maps are messy to use. I set out to change that.

Here’s what to do about that.

A photo of two LGBTQ Brides Framed On A Workplace Desk

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With a donor shortage, why are we still clinging to outdated stereotypes?

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