I stayed in a short-term rental who used technology as a virtual warden, scaring guests into good behavior.

As I walked into the homeshare apartment I’d rented for the weekend, my 25-year-old philosphy degree bellowed from a forgotten corner.


Prominently displayed on the kitchen counter was a list of house rules including many variations on their “Number One Rule”

  • “We have a zero-tolerance policy for parties or…

Gathering with family is a time of celebration — but simmering conflict can ruin the night. Here’s a guide to a successful holiday dinner.

“When are you gonna hear what my mommy and daddy said? They had a fi … they were talking mean to each other.”

Working on my PhD in Communication, I spent 16 weeks with research that sprang from the recorded dinnertime conversations of a few dozen families. …

Most Republicans — and Religious Voters — Affirm LGBTQ Rights.

“I’d like a pretty bra.”

Our homeless outreach team had developed a relationship with this guest, so when she told them she’d reached the point in her transition when she wondered if our clothes closet might have a bra in her size, it wasn’t an unexpected request. And since…

With a donor shortage, why are we still clinging to outdated stereotypes?

As the CDC launches a nationwide COVID study amongst blood donors and the FDA explores convalescent plasma as a potentially effective treatment for the disease, blood donors are possibly more important than ever before.

Even when we’re not battling a pandemic, thirty-two thousand pints of blood are used in medical…

JD Miller, PhD

Leading at the Intersection of Business, Technology and Humanity | Conference Speaker | Board Member | Sales Transformations | C-Level Exec | jdmillerphd.com

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