Zoom Has Torn Down Workplace Walls. Maybe It’s Time To Put Them Back Up.

There’s a lot of freedom that comes with a “work from home” job — but it can come with great personal cost, too.

Photo: Maria Symchych — Shutterstock.com

For historically marginalized workers, there are also some clear benefits.

But while telemeeting technology makes it easier to address these unique circumstances, it can cast a new bright light on them for observant coworkers.

Does this mean we should give up on work from home setup? I don’t think so. But it does mean we need to be more intentional about how we maintain the work/life boundary — even as those two spheres increasingly collide in the same physical space.



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JD Miller, PhD

Leading at the Intersection of Business, Technology and Humanity | Conference Speaker | Board Member | Sales Transformations | C-Level Exec | jdmillerphd.com